We provide revolutionary physiology & performance technology to medical practitioners, sporting teams & cosmetic clinics.

We reduce chronic
pain for your

Real pain


Aged care specialists

We are a portable pain reduction service for aged care facilities:

Our mission is to provide Australia’s aged care communities with the world’s leading pain management solutions that would otherwise be difficult to access given living circumstances.

We Treat

Our Technology

* High Power Laser Therapy
* Low Power Laser Therapy
* Ultrasound
* Tecar Therapy
* Magnetotherapy
* Electrotherapy

All practitioners are either licensed podiatrists or physical health practitioners.

The technology within the device has been Australian TGA approved for use in the medical field by
registered medical clinicians & widely used within the public hospital system, private practice, sports
medicine, diabetes/high risk clinics, post operative care & rehabilitation.

* Decrease acute & chronic pain, inflammation, edema & bruising

* Increase nerve regeneration

* Increase cartilage regeneration

* Increase bone formation & healing time 

* Increase muscle, tendon & ligament regeneration & decrease muscle atrophy

* Increase collagen production

* Improve mobility & muscular capacity

* Accelerate wound healing time

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