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Mo Vit TL


From the Latin “movement of life”, Motus Vitae represents a real turning point in functional rehabilitation. A system that uses six types of movement to improve life at 360 degrees. A circuit composed of devices, governed by software and hardware of the latest generation, which allow subjects with low motor skills to recover the initial condition in the event that the motor defcit is due to trauma or disease. Elderly subjects can also use these devices, to counteract the natural physiological decay and exploit the benefts of improved mobility for a better quality of life.

A new and unique concept to meet the need of functional rehabilitation and the recovery of people with reduced mobility.

6 types of movement:
– C.P.M. Continuous Passive Motion
– C.A.M. Continuous Active Motion
– Isometric
– Isotonic
– Auxotonic
– Isocynetic

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