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Polyter Evo

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The Polyter Evo is a portable modular electrotherapy musculoskeletal rehabilitation machine that utilises a multiplicity of modalities of treatment for the health care professional to make a clinical judgment on best treatment option for a large variety of conditions.
These include:

High Power Laser
Tecar Therapy
Low Power Laser

This device is being used by medical professionals, S&C coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, post-operative circumstances, sporting teams & athletes of all levels.

The Polyter Evo was designed for multiple reasons. Predominantly to reduce the current time of rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries & having the clients returning to activity at a faster rate. Secondly, the use of the Polyter Evo in prehabilitation circumstances has been a considerable breakthrough in the world of competitive sports & allowing all clientele to become pain-free faster.

The use of this device has enabled users to reduce the risk of injury, increase the rate of recovery & subsequently increase the level of performance.

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Ultrasound, Electrotherapy, High Power Laser, Tecar Therapy, Magentotherapy, Low Power Laser

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