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Shock Med – Shockwave

Shock waves are acoustic waves carrying a high amount of energy through the tissues, that
irradiate in the body until reaching the sore area. Shock waves are characterized by a rapid change in
pressure, with great amplitude and non-periodicity.
The amount of energy that is transferred to the tissue is much higher than the energy produced by


Our body reacts to the shock waves passing through it by increasing the metabolic activities in the
treated area and facilitating the reduction of the inflammation caused by an analgesic effect
induced by the local release of endorphins.
The healing process is thus stimulated and accelerated.
Our devices emit a radial (ballistic) shock wave, since the wave is generated by a special pistol-
shaped probe, whose barrel is closed at its end by a metallic cap; a steel bullet is shot against this
cap using compressed air (max pressure 5 bar).

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