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Treating knee pain in weightlifting

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Another home treatment for one of my athletes with the Polyter Evo national level body builder, Mitch Corton.


After over coming some long standing patella tendinitis which lasted nearly 2 months, Mitch then developed severe patella bursitis upon recent scans.


Firstly Mitch & I addressed his training program. With 2 leg sessions a week we exchanged aggregating exercises, including squats & hack squat for more glute & hamstring work. 

Secondly we introduced some rehabilitation, mobility & stability drills after training. 

Fortnight manual therapy was left to a great colleague of mine Ange from Sydney massage therapist in the northern beaches.


We also started high power laser therapy which in the first treatment eliminated initially severe palpable pain immediately post treatment that lasted until our next treatment. Following the second treatment we were able to introduce pressing movements including the squat & single leg lunge with no pain during & still no daily pain during his job, palpating or training. Visual & palpable Oedema reduced significantly after 5 days following second treatment.


From 2 month recovery during his previous patella tendinitis, to 2 weeks with the introduction of high power laser will make a huge difference in Mitch’s offseason as he looks to get as strong & big as possible leading into the 2021 Arnold Classic competition in the classic physique class.


Great start to our new journey together through the rehabilitation process of the frustrating but inevitable set backs working with the top in elite sport.